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Because of their dreams, Because of their dreams


"Bike, we have all played; electric cars, we have seen, but one is as compact as bicycles, and even fold, and like a car battery, can use electricity to provide power, or even to achieve an intelligent electric bicycle Rarely seen. In this issue of "People," let's explore the story of Casey Carlson CEO Peng Huashun led his team to make cars. "

CASWHEEL is an innovative company engaged in the design, development, sales and service of electric vehicles and intelligent technology products. Its team has many years of experience in bicycle design and is a member of the Ferrari (China) bicycle design team. During the design of the series of models won Sequoia Capital and other institutions millions of level investment.

Coswheel CEO: Peng Huashun
In October 2014, members of the design team of Caswell Technologies (COSWHEEL) entered a new round of design exploration. Several partners cut off the process of continuing to explore in the Ferrari (China) bicycle design team, hoping to design a new model. The brand of their own team brand, to become a world famous craftsman. Until 2016, the first folding electric vehicle belonging to Casivier was successfully developed. This is Cassie's first smart car series.

Coswheel Team
Team founder position self introduction
Peng Huashun CEO Has led the team to get red dot IF and other international awards
Bo Li Capital Co-Founder Alibaba B2B Senior Lecturer, Founder of International Famous Electronic Cigarette Brand Cloupor
Hudin Design Director Once worked as a bicycle design team for Ferrari (China agency): Senior designer of product design department responsible for the design of new models;
Liang Deheng Technology Director Once at Alps Electric Co., Ltd.: responsible for car networking projects
Pang Guiquan PR director Former Ferrari (China agent) bicycle design team: as design manager, responsible for the terminal store image
Yang Weiqin Planning Department Director Designed R&D Department in Shenzhen TCL Communication Technology Holdings Co., Ltd.: Responsible for product market research, design trends

“Actually, for such things as electric vehicles, machinery, and transportation vehicles, we have had a lot of contact from the university, including childhood toy guns and toy cars. When the family was young, it was more difficult and there was no money to buy. Sometimes playing is broken, we take the toys apart and exchange them with various parts. After attending university, we set up a transportation design research group and gathered a group of small partners who are also interested in transportation. After graduating, because this piece of funding is also relatively large, we have always had this idea and enthusiasm. Afterwards, several of us played well in the university and compared them together. We also gathered together to make this motorcycle. "

Carswell Electric Car CEO Peng Huashun interviewed us and recalled the team building process and childhood experience. For Peng Huashun, cycling is a tool for children to go to school because childhood home is far from the school and it took more than half an hour to get there. Thus, cycling became a friend that Peng Huashun often accompanied when he was young. At that time, he used The kind of tripod lady bicycle is relatively small. When I ride it, the entire person rides across the bracket. After many years, it is repaired and then broken. It is broken and repaired. The function of each part of the entire vehicle is structural. Peng Huashun knows its role very clearly. After coming to the university, Peng Huashun and several small partners established a transportation research team. Together they helped design and produce a lot of interesting products. They took many awards and strengthened their desire to continue on this road. The determination is. After meeting with investors Li Bo, they quickly reached a cooperation with each other.